The Lost Lords


In Search of The Storm Knights, and the Rescue of the Northlanders

With the knowledge granted by the Avatar watching over Cassar, the party moved Northward to the town of Aerinas, nestled in the base of the mountains bordering Southreach. Here they found the ancient fortification of The Stormhold, it’s knights long dead, and the Dragonslayer long departed. A lone spirit however, gave the party direction toward a location within the God’s Wood. Before leaving Aerinas, the party chose to aid the town with the various perils that surrounded them, but finding the town in too perilous a position, instead convince the Mayor and his people to flee back to Cassar. After the refugees are gotten to safety, the party heads out to the God’s Wood, their first stop, the small town of Ulbram.


Ghalen37 Ghalen37

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