The Lost Lords

The Horrors of Azurestone

After the breaking of the Siege of Far Hearth, Taramitsu found Aethor among the dead, and leaving the nightmare that was Far Hearth behind, buried him on the edge of the Dyrewood. From there, Taramitsu continues on to Azurestone to see Alanduil, and end his service to the rebellion. On his way, Taramitsu reunites with Lissandra of The Westwood, and together reach the cliffs of Azurestone, where they find signs of undead.

There they find the rebellion forces that broke off from the main forces were ambushed, and the Counts of Emair and Riverside were cut off from Alanduil within the keep, where Taramitsu and Lissandra volunteered to venture to find the missing Baron of Mistport. Moving through the decaying halls of the keep, the duo rescue groups of survivors, but Alanduil is not found among them. Finally they come across a necromatic Shadow Priest, and the risen remains of Alanduil.

With hearts full of sorrow and hate, they slay the group, before finding themselves weightless, and are teleported North, to a crypt outside the capital of Sojourner’s Rest. It is there they find Valor and Ruwina, apparently tasked by the Duke at behest of the Shadowbane to find and eliminate shadow cultists. Valian, however, found himself growing tired of doing the Inquisition’s work for them while an army of Orcs still sat on his doorstep. With Ruwina and the remnants of the Avengers of Norgas dropped into his lap, he took the initiative to task them in finding reason to move his troops against the Greenskins, ending their threat, and getting out from under the thumb of the Shadowbane Inquisition.

Before beginning their task, the joined groups returned to Norgas, finding the familiar faces of Kayla and adventurer-formerly-known-as-Rold, preparing a sizable force for their expedition into the Northlands.

End of Chapter 3


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