The Lost Lords

The City of Darmondy

Taramitsu, Kayla, and company make their way from the edges of the smoke-filled woods into the moorlands on their way to the city. When the party arrived at the edge of the city under the cover of darkness, they were surprised by an appearance of two individuals, who fell seemingly out of the shadows. After a short sorting of issues, the duo introduced themselves as Casamir Jerick and Logan Drox, survivors of the three month greenskin occupation, and offering themselves as guides, eager to help the city, join with the burgeoning group.

After finding shelter in an abandoned building, and witnessing a colossal siege beast roam through the southern part of town, the party finds some amount of rest, awakening to venture into the city ruins. There, they weave through shattered buildings and collapsed streets, eventually finding themselves at a merchant’s guildhall, currently housing the head of the Bonebreaker Orc Clan. The magically enlarged Bonebreaker Chieftain is eventually slain before the party finds themselves fleeing through the streets, a great horde of Greenskins giving chase.

Losing their pursuers, Casamir leads the group to the former safe haven that was the Broken Fang Theatre and Inn, where, to all their surprise, they found a man by the name of Esric Meure, more commonly known as The Darkstalker of Norgas; a figure of terror to Orcs in the dark of night and assassin of numerous warchiefs. After brief conversation, Taramitsu found his reason for The Duke in the Councilwoman Arquette, who fled with her people to The Shadowfort; an ancient fortification beyond The Great Wood.


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