The Lost Lords

Festival of Giving-Thanks

With the knowledge of the refugees in the Shadowfort, the party set out from the city, leaving Ruwina behind to repair Valor’s extensive damage, with Sorley and Lissandra to guard them. After days of travel through the woods, and the delay of a Lizardman controlled river crossing, the party reaches the town of Cassar, seemingly in the process of preparing festivities, despite the dire state of the rest of the Duchy. As it turns out, the town itself was untouched by both the Orcish Horde and the flames of the Dragon that set fire to the Great Wood, due, according to the townsfolk, to the protection afforded to them by the Gods, which they honor every year in a festival by submitting would-be champions through various trials. The party decided to stay and participate in the days festivities, and learned during their stay of a great Dragon, awakened by the Orc invasion, that now traps the Darmondy refugees within the Shadowfort. The party ended up besting all three of the trials, with Kayla earning the honor of being present before the village’s god.

This God, or avatar of one, granted Kayla a symbol of his favor, as well as the knowledge of the Dragon guarding the Shadowfort, as well as a means to destroy it. The Avatar told Kayla of a Dragonslayer known as the Storm Knight in the county of Aerinas, to the North of Cassar, and to seek his legacy to have any hope at downing the great dragon.


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