The Lost Lords

A Little Help

Returning to Blidal and the imperial fortress, Taramitsu and Aeryn are greeted as heroes for helping the town. The fortresses second in command, Leohart offers to take Taramitsu and Aeryn out for a drink since neither of them accept gold as a reward.

At the tavern, Taramitsu and Aeryn spot a goliath that seems large even adjacent to his kin. A large warhammer leans against the wall behind him as he chugs an ale. A silver skinned elf rests on his shoulder, encouraging him. Taramitsu smirks but moves on to sit at the bar with Leohart, who offers him a little information on the Dragonslayer’s Tomb. It rests on the peak of the mountain of Himalfyal, behind the keep of King Maegric the Undead and the massive ice wall built by the dragon cultists. The entire area is shrouded in legend and mystery, however one true thing about it is that small armies of undead knights and soldiers patrol the land, killing all who would dare enter.

With this information, Taramitsu and Aeryn relent that they must find help to conquer the dragon cultists as well as the undead plague to the north. Luckily, the goliath and moon elf heard of their good deeds and were willing to follow them. Taramitsu was happy to have received help but he was very skeptical of strangers as of late and also relented that everyone that follows him tends to meet an early grave. The goliath and moon elf said that they could handle themselves and it appeared so. The female moon elf was named Aislinn, the local alchemist, and the large goliath barbarian was named Sigurdr An├×orsson, a local hero and adventurer.

Together, the newly bolstered party seek information of the fell ice that blocks the roads to the north. Sigurdr talks of Skibe, a slightly crazy shipbuilder that may have a lead on the fell ice. The party is informed that Skibe is currently on a pilgrimage to the Sacred Springs deep in the Frostweald. The Sacred Caves he sought lie tucked behind a waterfall. A fisherman named Vidu lends them his ship to get to the Sacred Springs. Sometime down the river, the party hears distant howls, but not by wolves or any other creature the locals are familiar with.

The party docks and finds faint footprints leading to the falls. As they near, vague yelling could be heard from the caves. As the party carefully traverses the ledge behind the waterfall and enter the caves, the party spots Skibe yelling at an ethereal being that is trying to enter his mind. As the spirit notices the party, it stops and focuses on Taramitsu. For some reason, he does not feel threatened but entranced by the being. The party watches on nervously, not knowing whether to attack or stay back. As the spirit touches Taramitsu, he sees her true form. An attractive woman in the form of an ice spirit. She revels herself as Shimiril, an archfey of ice. She recognizes Taramitsu as the friend of Casamir who worships her and knows Taramitsu to be a just and good soul. He figures out that Casamir lives but also that Shimiril would be willing to help the party if they helped her. Taramitsu tries to inquire more but she fades and an elemental wrought from ice appears at the cave entry. The party dispatches the elemental with the new barbarian displaying his might with the warhammer.

Skibe thanks the party for freeing him and relents that he had been planning to ram the ice with a ship covered in iron. The party convinces him that they would be better equipped to handle such a mission and gain possession of his ship back in town, ready to invade the land of the dragon cultists.


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