The Lost Lords

Chaos Wrought in Ice

The party begins to cross over the lake towards the wall of ice, Sigurdr rowing the iron reinforced ship. A large fog moves in and Taramitsu suspects Shimiril intervening on their behalf.


A Little Help

Returning to Blidal and the imperial fortress, Taramitsu and Aeryn are greeted as heroes for helping the town. The fortresses second in command, Leohart offers to take Taramitsu and Aeryn out for a drink since neither of them accept gold as a reward.

At the tavern, Taramitsu and Aeryn spot a goliath that seems large even adjacent to his kin. A large warhammer leans against the wall behind him as he chugs an ale. A silver skinned elf rests on his shoulder, encouraging him. Taramitsu smirks but moves on to sit at the bar with Leohart, who offers him a little information on the Dragonslayer’s Tomb. It rests on the peak of the mountain of Himalfyal, behind the keep of King Maegric the Undead and the massive ice wall built by the dragon cultists. The entire area is shrouded in legend and mystery, however one true thing about it is that small armies of undead knights and soldiers patrol the land, killing all who would dare enter.

With this information, Taramitsu and Aeryn relent that they must find help to conquer the dragon cultists as well as the undead plague to the north. Luckily, the goliath and moon elf heard of their good deeds and were willing to follow them. Taramitsu was happy to have received help but he was very skeptical of strangers as of late and also relented that everyone that follows him tends to meet an early grave. The goliath and moon elf said that they could handle themselves and it appeared so. The female moon elf was named Aislinn, the local alchemist, and the large goliath barbarian was named Sigurdr An├×orsson, a local hero and adventurer.

Together, the newly bolstered party seek information of the fell ice that blocks the roads to the north. Sigurdr talks of Skibe, a slightly crazy shipbuilder that may have a lead on the fell ice. The party is informed that Skibe is currently on a pilgrimage to the Sacred Springs deep in the Frostweald. The Sacred Caves he sought lie tucked behind a waterfall. A fisherman named Vidu lends them his ship to get to the Sacred Springs. Sometime down the river, the party hears distant howls, but not by wolves or any other creature the locals are familiar with.

The party docks and finds faint footprints leading to the falls. As they near, vague yelling could be heard from the caves. As the party carefully traverses the ledge behind the waterfall and enter the caves, the party spots Skibe yelling at an ethereal being that is trying to enter his mind. As the spirit notices the party, it stops and focuses on Taramitsu. For some reason, he does not feel threatened but entranced by the being. The party watches on nervously, not knowing whether to attack or stay back. As the spirit touches Taramitsu, he sees her true form. An attractive woman in the form of an ice spirit. She revels herself as Shimiril, an archfey of ice. She recognizes Taramitsu as the friend of Casamir who worships her and knows Taramitsu to be a just and good soul. He figures out that Casamir lives but also that Shimiril would be willing to help the party if they helped her. Taramitsu tries to inquire more but she fades and an elemental wrought from ice appears at the cave entry. The party dispatches the elemental with the new barbarian displaying his might with the warhammer.

Skibe thanks the party for freeing him and relents that he had been planning to ram the ice with a ship covered in iron. The party convinces him that they would be better equipped to handle such a mission and gain possession of his ship back in town, ready to invade the land of the dragon cultists.

Assault on the Bandit Camp

Taramitsu and Aeryn prepare to fight the bandits as they are the easiest problem to deal with. At night, they come across a bandit patrol in the high forest. Following them, Taramitsu and Aeryn are led to the bandit’s camp where nearly twenty goliath bandits reside. A collapsed tower creates a bridge between two cliffs that surround the camp. Taramitsu begins to scale the cliff and finds himself atop the fallen tower, noticing three campfires surrounded by goliaths. Bow in hand, Taramitsu takes several shots at the goliaths with explosive arrows, aimed at the campfires to enhance their effect.

In the chaos of the explosions, Aeryn comes through the entrance after casting enlarge person on herself. As the melee fighters charge Aeryn, Taramitsu picks off the remaining goliath archers and hops down from the tower, looking to aid Aeryn who had become pinned to the ground. Backed against the wall and alone, Taramitsu begins cleaving through the goliaths, killing the dozen of them that surrounded him. Nael heals Aeryn to bring her to consciousness and she heals the two of them before ascending the cliff to the base of the tower that still stands.

A large goliath with an enchanted swords charges down the bridge and nearly knocks Taramitsu unconscious. The three of them engage in a rough struggle before eventually killing the goliath but after taking many wounds. Taramitsu takes the bandit chief’s head and two carts full of ill-gotten loot and head back to Blidal village for their reward.

Chasing a Legacy in a Frozen Wasteland

Taramitsu and Aeryn journey into the mountains of Sudorheim as the weather becomes more intolerable. Aeryn uses her spells to endure the cold and Taramitsu survives with his over-armor coat. Nael burrows into Taramitsu’s pockets, making a barrier or lint to keep himself warm. They eventually arrive at a crossroads, left going to Rimvald Lake and right to Blidal village. The two of them try to go left at first but are only met with a hostile half-giant fishing village. They don’t speak with Taramitsu or Aeryn and most refuse to even acknowledge their existence.

They both head back and make their way to Blidal. Before they make it, they two of them come across some sort of cultist ritual at the ruins near Frostgate. There is a circle with three chanting men, blue in complexion, surrounding a man on his knees. The ground surrounding them was black and filled with small tendrils. It appeared to be a sacrifice and the two in the party start to act as the sacrifice finished and everyone surrounding the man die and the man in the center is the lone survivor, appearing more powerful than before. The two of them dispatch the cultist and discover that they’re frostbound priests of a dragon cult. Uneased, the two of them leave the corrupted area and head into Blidal.

As they come into the village of Blidal, the duo is surprised to see two humans among the goliath village, wearing imperial armor. The guards introduce themselves as remnants of the imperial garrison in town, left here long ago. Their headquarters being twenty minutes south of the village. The two of them journeyed through the oversized village and the goliath’s seemed to not be as cold and dismissive as the fishing village.

The keep is short and stout, but strong. Garrisoned by a few imperial guards, they let Taramitsu and Aeryn inside and tell them to seek out Commander Arturias. Arturias as a nice, stern commander that tries to assist the party. He knows that Arlan the Dragonslayer’s tomb is at the peak of Himmelfjall mountain in a large city ruins. Arturias also offers that the goliaths in the village may aid us more if we assist them and gain their trust. The current problems affecting the village are:
Goliath bandits in the high forest south of the village.
Old mill in town that is haunted by an enraged spirit.
Cultists’ base behind great ice wall.

Ambush at the Four Winds

Taramitsu and Casimir avoid running into the elves again and return to the village of Ulbram with the wounded halfling, Isileth. The mayor tries to reward the two for their effort but it is curtly refused. The people of the village mourn the loss of their friends and family with Isilieth, feeling shamed, wanting to leave the town immediately. She explains that she has no family and since all of her friends were killed, she has no reason to stay in Ulbram.
Taramitsu explains to her that they need her great-grandfather’s legacy to defeat the dragon. She is confused and says that she never knew Arlan so she doesn’t know how to help.

The party decides to head into the mountains toward Sudorheim after one last night’s rest. Isileth decides to stay in the inn with a room opposite Taramitsu and diagonal of Casamir’s. In the middle of the night, Taramitsu is roused by a loud clatter from Casamir’s room. Grabbing his no-dachi, he exits his room, noticing Isileth’s door is open as well as Casamir’s.

Taramitsu identifies the man in Casamir’s room as an agent of the Black Hand, on top of Casamir, shoving a blade in his gut. Taramitsu springs into action, pinning the assassin on the ground and trying to question him. The man only tries to break free and Taramitsu finishes him. The blade he used to stab Casamir was poisoned, deteriorating his health rapidly. Sadly, Isileth did not survive the attack and was dead before Taramitsu rose. The assassin left a not on his person, revealing that the Black Hand’s headquarters were at Doomhold. It also stated that he was supposed to kill only isileth and avoid the Estlander. A misstep that cost him his life.

Rushing to tell the mayor, Taramitsu runs into the Light Warden, Aeryn Palamas, who had disappeared in the Heart Tree long before. She relents that she was tracking the Black Hand Agent but what too late to stop him from attacking the party. She offers to help Taramitsu with stopping the dragon and Black Hand as she seeks to rout out all evils.

In Isileth’s room, Taramitsu and Aeryn find that she indeed had some of her great-grandfather’s things and was keeping them secret because she did not trust Taramitsu and company. She had Arlan’s journal, groups of maps, and his strange orichalcum compass. His journal was a retelling of the founding of the storm knights at Stormhold. However, Arlan did not want to serve the storm knights, at they were too strict. He left and headed for Sudorheim.

The pair of them tell the mayor what happened before having to set out. It appears that Casamir would hopefully survive his wounds. Taramitsu reflects that Casamir was a kind soul that sacrficed his own life so that he could kill the dragon. Without Logan or Kayla, Taramitsu was the only person who could carry out the orders they had and he vowed to do it so that his companions sacrifice would not be for nothing.

Ulbram and the Missing Adventurers

The town of Ulbram was quaint and small. Most folk that lived there were farmers or led other small town lives. The party made contact with the mayor, following the legacy of the dragonslayer, and he pointed them towards a halfling ranger, named Isileth, who had disappeared with an adventuring party some days ago. The party set out to find the lost adventurers in the direction of an old ruin outside of town.

Taramitsu in front, Kayla in the middle, and Casamir holding up the rear. That was the typical layout of the party, especially on the winding roads of the forest they traveled in. However, the party was ambushed by a group of what appeared to be elves. Taramitsu was quick to draw his sword, however, it was apparent that they were vastly outnumbered and Kayla thought it wise to surrender. Casamir and Taramitsu followed suit, not wanting to spill blood that didn’t need to be spilled. One of the elves, a haughty female elf, tried to persuade the young slender man leading the ambushers that they needed to kill us or their mission would be compromised. He shook his head, deciding it better if their elder decided.

Kayla and Casamir forfeited their weapons to the elves. Taramitsu, on the other hand, persuaded them to allow him to keep his sword, as it was more valuable to him than life itself. They bound his hands instead.

The elves had made a small encampment around the entrance to the ruins. Most of them were drawn to the center of camp when the party was paraded through towards the elder. He was kindly, ancient elf who seemed to be very much against unnecessary violence, much to the party’s fortunes. The haughty elf girl had objected to this and promptly stormed off. The elder heard the plight of the party and agreed to let them pass into the ruin, as long as they find an artifact for him. The party consented and were sent inside, weapons in hand.

The party was met with the story of Azara and his sword, Ashrune, etched into the walls of the ruin. At the end, the floor turned into a tiling of letters around a large statue. Taramitsu figured out that you needed to walk on the tiles that spelled out Ashrune for safe passage. They continued onwards, slaying a few goblins along the way, but the ruins were surprisingly empty for all the trouble it had appeared to cause.

They found a set of large doors that opened to the outside again. It appeared to be an exit out of the ruins from the other side. The party decided to continue away from the ruins and they stumbled upon a horrible sight. The bodies of all the missing adventurers were strewn around the area, bloodied and unmoving. Before the party, a horrible shroud like creature stood tall and proud. It appeared to be an embodiment of corruption, and unbeknownst to everyone but Kayla, it was her shadow’s brother.

A chaotic fight ensued with Taramitsu and Casamir being held up by shadow-minions
while Kayla took the bulk of the damage from the shroud that declared himself the shadow king. As the fighting continued, Kayla’s situation became to look more and more rough by the second, and in an act of desperation, opened a portal to the shadow realm, severly hemorrhaging the plane that they all were in. Kayla was sucked into the shadow realm with the false shadow king and Kayla’s shadow was brought to the real world.

Taramitsu and Casamir were dumbfounded at the shadow-like creature that took the place of their comrade. It seemed to murmur something about finally being free before tossing the fabled Rogue Stone to Taramitsu and flying away. Shocked and worried for Kayla, the party barely noticed that the halfling ranger was still breathing. Taramitsu had the fairy, Nael, sprinkle his regenerative dust on the ranger, healing her and bringing her to consciousness. She couldn’t believe that she had lived and her party had not. Taramitsu and Casamir were empathetic, as they both lost most of the important people in their lives. She revealed her name to be Isileth, the descendant of the fabled Dragonslayer, Arlan.

In Search of The Storm Knights, and the Rescue of the Northlanders

With the knowledge granted by the Avatar watching over Cassar, the party moved Northward to the town of Aerinas, nestled in the base of the mountains bordering Southreach. Here they found the ancient fortification of The Stormhold, it’s knights long dead, and the Dragonslayer long departed. A lone spirit however, gave the party direction toward a location within the God’s Wood. Before leaving Aerinas, the party chose to aid the town with the various perils that surrounded them, but finding the town in too perilous a position, instead convince the Mayor and his people to flee back to Cassar. After the refugees are gotten to safety, the party heads out to the God’s Wood, their first stop, the small town of Ulbram.

Festival of Giving-Thanks

With the knowledge of the refugees in the Shadowfort, the party set out from the city, leaving Ruwina behind to repair Valor’s extensive damage, with Sorley and Lissandra to guard them. After days of travel through the woods, and the delay of a Lizardman controlled river crossing, the party reaches the town of Cassar, seemingly in the process of preparing festivities, despite the dire state of the rest of the Duchy. As it turns out, the town itself was untouched by both the Orcish Horde and the flames of the Dragon that set fire to the Great Wood, due, according to the townsfolk, to the protection afforded to them by the Gods, which they honor every year in a festival by submitting would-be champions through various trials. The party decided to stay and participate in the days festivities, and learned during their stay of a great Dragon, awakened by the Orc invasion, that now traps the Darmondy refugees within the Shadowfort. The party ended up besting all three of the trials, with Kayla earning the honor of being present before the village’s god.

This God, or avatar of one, granted Kayla a symbol of his favor, as well as the knowledge of the Dragon guarding the Shadowfort, as well as a means to destroy it. The Avatar told Kayla of a Dragonslayer known as the Storm Knight in the county of Aerinas, to the North of Cassar, and to seek his legacy to have any hope at downing the great dragon.

The City of Darmondy

Taramitsu, Kayla, and company make their way from the edges of the smoke-filled woods into the moorlands on their way to the city. When the party arrived at the edge of the city under the cover of darkness, they were surprised by an appearance of two individuals, who fell seemingly out of the shadows. After a short sorting of issues, the duo introduced themselves as Casamir Jerick and Logan Drox, survivors of the three month greenskin occupation, and offering themselves as guides, eager to help the city, join with the burgeoning group.

After finding shelter in an abandoned building, and witnessing a colossal siege beast roam through the southern part of town, the party finds some amount of rest, awakening to venture into the city ruins. There, they weave through shattered buildings and collapsed streets, eventually finding themselves at a merchant’s guildhall, currently housing the head of the Bonebreaker Orc Clan. The magically enlarged Bonebreaker Chieftain is eventually slain before the party finds themselves fleeing through the streets, a great horde of Greenskins giving chase.

Losing their pursuers, Casamir leads the group to the former safe haven that was the Broken Fang Theatre and Inn, where, to all their surprise, they found a man by the name of Esric Meure, more commonly known as The Darkstalker of Norgas; a figure of terror to Orcs in the dark of night and assassin of numerous warchiefs. After brief conversation, Taramitsu found his reason for The Duke in the Councilwoman Arquette, who fled with her people to The Shadowfort; an ancient fortification beyond The Great Wood.

The Forest of Ash

As the party traveled North of The Bulwark, they found themselves unable to head to the city of Darmondy directly; the orcs having set up their camp on the only major crossing. Instead, they ventured Westward, into what was once the fringes of the The Great Wood, now reduced to a forest of cinder and ash, seemingly by the orc invaders.

Within the woods themselves, the party discovers denizens of the plane of fire spilling forth from rifts between planes. Mephits and Elementals plague their journey until they come across an oddity. A man, with flaming features, who while wary, proves not to be hostile. He informs the party that the flames of a great lizard, awakened by the Orcs, set fire to the ancient woods. Between the mighty fire and the ancient magics of the forest, a great rift opened to the elemental plane of fire, and through it came a great monstrosity that the Genasi seeks to end.

The beast turned out to be a fearsome Pyrohydra, guarding the primary rift. After a long and Casualty-filled fight, the Pyrohyrda was felled, and in the afftermath the Genasi took it upon himself to close the rift, disappearing in a flash alongside it. Battered and exhausted, the party opted to continue on to Darmondy, deciding to return to end the threat at the heart of the forest another day.


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