The Lost Lords

The Summer Manor
Aiding The Rebellion

Aethor and Taramitsu decide to join with the Far Hearth rebellion and are sent to the Summer Manor of Duchess Anaise in search of a missing company of soldiers. In the jagged crags of the Highmount Peaks they found the bleak, deteriorated township that serviced the Summer Manor. Overrun with Undead, a Large Wyvern, and a mysterious Giant Archer, they fought their way through, finding the slain company, and pushing into the Manor itself. There they fought and, seemingly, killed a female Necromancer, bearing a symbol on her forehead, identical to that of the Necromancer at the Tower of Shadows.

Soon after, they found the Giant Archer in a ruined tower. He had made it his home as he hunted the Wyvern that stalked the area. Though the Giant’s skill with the bow was great, his ability to traverse the tight crags was not, and the Wyvern cunningly avoided the open. So it came to be that the Duo of Adventurers combined their efforts with Himskgaeir, who shot the Wyvern out of the Sky, leaving Aethor and Taramitsu to track the beast in the mountains and finish the job.

The Apocryphon
What Kills a Killer of Gods?

Taramitsu, Aethor and Lissandra stand before the Cephalophore gates, behind them, the source of the corruption that infects the Westwood, a self-proclaimed God Slayer, entombed and imprisoned for ages for his crimes.

Knowing their foe’s accolades, and it’s mysterious moniker “Aphocryphon of Deinhainteor” the party finds themselves unable to let this evil slip them by, and they find themselves in conflict with the fiend. The battle is hard, and nearly lost, but through their combined efforts, and the sacrifice of Lissandra’s Animal Companion, an Enlarged Aethor is able to deal the final blow and with the aid of Nael the Fairy, save the party from the brink of death.

Shortly after the battle, Lissandra disappeared with the corpse of her Wolven ally, while Taramitsu rushed to restore Nael’s fading power with sunlight, and Aethor confirmed the halt of the corrupting influence in the Heart tree. With their task finished, and their body’s mostly whole, they returned to Emair, with the exiled Fairy in tow. There they find the town in revelry, rest, and strike up a sort of rental service for powerful magical items from Znaaraz’nn before returning to the victorious Alanduil, where they receive their reward, and decide how to go about returning to Norgas, and dealing with their old ally, Kayla.

The Heart Tree
Corruption Grows Deep

With Aeryn having fled from the party, Taramitsu and Lissandra reunite with Aethor and push through the stone complex beneath the Heart Tree of the Westwood. Overcoming traps, fire-breathing beasts, and a near-unintelligible maze, they find an abandoned camp from a party of adventurers who fell prey to a ‘Winged Monstrosity’ deeper within the earth.

It is there they rest, and later that night set out into the dark once more, where Aethor finds a legendary armor set having once belonged to a smith of the Second Age, which he used to great effect against the winged monstrosity mentioned in the adventurer’s journal.

This creature was a Guardian Dragon of the Forest, twisted and corrupted by whatever tainted the Westwood, and when it was finally put to rest, only one path remained before them. Now the party stands at a gate bearing the image of cephalophores, emanating a sense of dread, and the promise of victory, or death.

Prologue and Adventures so Far

In ancient times, Gods walked alongside their mortal children through the world they sculpted, their paradise. For centuries peace reigned, until an event known as the Gods-war, or The Shadow War. For more than two ages, the war desolated the land, and most of the mortal races. Their safety came about when a God known as The Deep One ushered the survivors into great cities underground, where they lived until the Shadow War above passed.

When the various races of Folk emerged, the Gods were gone from the world, and the forces of Shadow with them. Most found it was time to rebuild, and set about recreated life above-ground. It was here when the Nation of Rhyssia rose from the ruins of the God’s greatest city, and expanded rapidly across the face of the land. They subjugated their fellow man, and pacified the Elves in the West. To the East, they drove the Shadow-corrupted Orcs into the badlands and deserts, and began erecting a great wall to keep them out. For Two Centuries the Rhyssian Empire has thrived, colonizing in the South, and keeping the barbaric Greenskin forces at bay in the East, while the wall crawled ever Northward, splitting the continent in two.

Recently, during a great skirmish with an Orc horde by forces lead by the Emperor himself, a great meteor struck across the sky, and slammed into the frigid North. Since this event, the Emperor and his army have disappeared. Meanwhile, another Orc Horde struck deep in the South of the Empire, in a Nation-State known as Sojourner’s Rest, The Duchy of Darmondy was quickly lost, and the Duchy of Norgas was put at dire risk before there could be any reaction.

It is here, the Avengers of Norgas earned their names, striking back the great Orc Horde, first at the Military Installation known as the Bulwark, and again in the fields of Duke Aedyn, wielding the might of an ancient weapon of The Gods.

Now the Heroic Adventurers find themselves entangled in a politically driven civil war in the South, with promise of darker stirrings just beneath the surface, and all clues point you towards a structure beneath the great Heart Tree of the Westwood, where danger awaits.


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