Taramitsu Ujio

Taramitsu is a 6'1'' samurai that was built and molded for battle. He has a very strong and quick body and a hardy constitution. He bares several scars across his chiseled body and rarely smiles. He solemnly carries his burdens without asking for help.


LG Human Samurai
STR 19
DEX 18
CON 20
INT 14
WIS 19
CHA 10


Ancestral Daisho, Banzai!, Cleave, Quick Draw, Power Attack, Iaijutsu Focus +10
Kenjutsu Focus, Kenjutsu Specialization, Banzai!, Fury
BAB: +7
112 HP
Fort: +12
Ref: +8
Will: +11


Taramitsu Ujio is a hatamoto and accomplished general to Lord Motorasu Tatomi, a powerful warlord in the far eastern lands of Maiyonoto. The lands had suffered centuries of toil and war at the hands of demonic beings and Oni. To try and find an end to the constant war, Lord Motorasu started a campaign to find ancient weapons that could finally tip the scales in their favor. As he and his company of samurai retainers made their way to a portal to faraway lands, they were ambushed and all were killed but Taramitsu. Taramitsu tried to end his own life to accompany his master to his ancestors, but he was refused. His master made him swear that he would get the weapons back to Maiyonoto or die trying. Taramitsu went through the portal and awoke outside Mezar’s Eye in the Nation-State of Sojourner’s Rest.

Taramitsu currently crusades through Sojourner’s Rest with his best friend Aethor Grenhal. He has aspirations to find out what became of the sword saint and perhaps become a student of his teachings, then maybe he can use his new-found knowledge to return to Maiyonoto and save his people.

After the events in the Westwood, Taramitsu now travels with the Fairy called Nael who gave up his life in a fairy fountain to aid Taramitsu and company. He nearly gave his life for Taramitsu, so he vowed to protect the fairy and bring him along in his travels.



Taramitsu Ujio

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