Logan Drox

Logan Drox is a tall, 22 year old half-elf sorcerer. He has a striking, exotic look hinting of his unique heritage.




Logan Drox received his first name from a human father that he never met. Born and raised in Varellion, as a half-elf he grew up and matured far faster than any of his elven peers. He became an adult after two decades despite still being considered a child by elven standards. As a half-elf among wild elves, he received mixed reactions (mostly pity and disgust) from his elven peers. This animosity was somewhat balanced by the discovery of his powers, which the elves were relatively fascinated by. These powers were revealed at a very young age when he was found playing with a small viper. Despite their alarm at a child playing with a venomous creature, it was quickly revealed that the creature was in fact his new associated familiar.

Much like his powers, he always seemed to have a natural charisma that he quickly learned to use to his advantage. As he grew up, he had the opportunity to learn from the elves on both a martial and intellectual level. He was trained by the elves to fight in the brutal style of the Varellion wild elves, while also encouraged to improve and master his powers as a sorcerer. As he reached his expedited adulthood, he has decided to set out away from his constantly disapproving elven peers in search of a adventure and an overwhelming desire to find any knowledge he can use to understand and master his powers.

As a half-elf, he has trouble fitting in with both the elves and the humans. As a sorcerer, he is further ostracized. In light of this, he is driven to win his place in society and prove himself to others.

Logan Drox

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