Kayla Tannerlin


Rogue 6/Shadowdancer 1


The easy life hit Kayla rather early on. From birth really, a birth into a great estate on a seashore with plenty of underlings taking are of her every whim. Her parents, wealthy merchants and low aristocrats in the city of Sojourners Rest, saw to her every need. Fine clothes, fine food, fine suitors, all presented to Kayla with no work of her own. It was all very boring. To go along with the finery of her parents status, she was expected to dress in the latest high fashion, attend all these important galas and feasts, and to act “proper” as a “lady” should. Boring.

Kayla preferred to sit and watch the ships that passed by as they sailed into port, or to run in the fields surrounding the estate, the sowers and pickers becoming the closest thing to friends Kayla would have in her first 19 years. her parents did not like this. They preferred to tote her off to balls and meetings in the city to present their daughter to the rest of the high class. the high class would often get a frog in their soup, or return home with a little less jewelry on them when Kayla was present, seven rubies is enough for one person after all.

As she grew older, potential matches were brought before Kayla by her parents, undoubtedly to secure more friendly relations or a political alliance, but Kayla did all she could to reject or sabotage every last one of them.

In desperation, Kaylas parents made a dark and fateful decision, but the young soul caught wind of this and fled with the help of the estate underlings, taking what she could carry and fleeing to Sojourners Rest proper.

The money gained from selling her jewelry lasted for a time, but eventually ran out, and a new source of money was needed. Fortunately, a local trading company, a dwarven enterprise, had need of quick feet to run items and messages. This is how Kayla survived for half a decade, and becoming very fond of dwarves, even picking up the language in the process, until one day.

A shout went out from the town crier, “Heroes wanted!”. The heroes academy was looking for new recruits. A chance to get out into the world and do something.
With what money she had saved, and the goodwill of all those she had met, Kayla took to the open road, heading for a greater adventure than she could have ever imagined.

Kayla Tannerlin

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