Casamir Jerick

The 16 year old Casamir stands at 5'10 and weighs roughly 264 lbs. He has soft brown hair down to his shoulders and light stubble, with matching eyes. He has an attractive appearance, with a large, strong build.


CG Human Warlock

STR 16
DEX 14
CON 11
INT 13
WIS 11
CHA 14


11 HP
Fort: 0
Ref: +2
Will: +3


Born in Darmondy to a middle class family, Casamir grew up on Old Stone Street. An uneventful life, he was drawn to magical curiosities at an early age. He chose to study magic to a small degree, and was well entertained by the local theater.

Eventually, Casamir became acquainted with knowledge of the Fey. He furthered an interest on the Winter Council. When the orcs came, Casamir’s knowledge became a life saver. He made contact with the Winter Council, and took the Hoarfrost Pact with Shimiril of The Silver Thaw, a powerful Eladrin Servant of the Lord of The Neverdawn. Thus, Casamir became a warlock.

Casamir survived the siege of Darmondy mainly due to the Broken Fang Theatre and Inn. Over the months in the besieged city, Casamir met and befriended Logan Drox, as well as Magret. Magret convinced the two to search for the Avenger in Darmondy, a man known for bringing death to the greenskins. The trio manage to find his refuge in the city, where goblins kill Magret and the Avenger warps Casamir, Logan, and himself out of the city.

Out of the city, Casamir and Logan find themselves meeting Taramitsu, Kayla, Lissandra, Sorley, Ruwina, and Valor. They join the main party.

Casamir Jerick

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