Caldoran Heartseeker

Caldoran is a 6'1'' human bard who is twenty years of age. He is most noticeably white haired with dull violet eyes. He carries himself highly and confidently with sharp eyes and a crooked smile across his slender face.


STR 11
CON 12
DEX 13
INT 18
WIS 12
CHA 18


BAB +2
Fort +2
Ref +4
Will +4
HP 21
Muninn the Raven familiar 10/10 hp
Sexiness: 100%


Not much is known about Caldoran Heartseeker. To his close friends they know that he was born to a powerful mage in the heart of the resistance against the Rhyssian Empire under a different name. He studied to become a mage until he was sixteen and ran away from home to pursue the arts rather than spells and numbers. Caldoran decided that he wanted to traverse the whole of the Empire and learn of its peoples and their struggles to find out if he truly thinks that the empire is worth fighting. Among his journeys he had saved a raven that he dubbed ‘Muninn’ and now accompanies him throughout his half drunken adventures throughout Rhyss.

Caldoran seeks to help those in need and spread his false name throughout the land. He hopes that he can one day compose a massive edda about the people of Rhyss and the adventures of his life.

Caldoran Heartseeker

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