The Lost Lords

Whispers of Dead Ash

With Taramitsu’s personal quest resolved for the time being, the party ventured to the city’s Crematorium, hoping to recruit Puno The Pyromancer to help them in their journeys in the Northlands. Such was not to be the case, however, as the party unraveled a string of terrible events, where Puno in his lunacy, murdered several individuals and burned their remains, before inadvertently raising them in a following ritual. The resulting Ash Shades hounded him through the abandoned complex until the Avengers of Norgas were able to rescue him.

Learning of his wrongdoings, the party none-the-less decided to carry out their initial task of retrieving the Pyromancer, leaving the tormented souls of murdered children without their vengeance.


Ghalen37 Ghalen37

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