The Lost Lords

Trials Of Taramitsu


In the familiar sewers beneath Norgas, Taramitsu returned to the hidden shrine left by the Sword Saint. There he encountered the Vagabond Estlander he had previously encountered in the fields West of The Crossroad, and battled with him once more. Afterwards, the Vagabond opened the way deeper into the vault, revealing it to be a grave site of the Sword Saint’s fallen followers. In its deepest reaches lay a Shadow-Corrupted Ancestor of Taramitsu.

Taramitsu, Kayla, Lissandra, and Sorley fought the creature in the cavernous depths, eventually slaying it, resulting in Taramitsu being granted a vision of the past thanks to Shift’s temporal abilities, leading him to a mural detailing the events of the Sword Saint’s crusade.

According to the mural, in ancient Maiyonoto, The Sword Saint foresaw the fall of the holy land to Shadow, as well as the folly of the Emperor in refusing to treat the threat as serious as it was, and so stole the island’s greatest treasure. An unexplained relic of the times of creation, and fled to distant lands, taking with him in his exile, faithful of the Seven Clans. In their escape from Maiyonoto, they found the land that is now Sojourner’s Rest, also gripped in struggle against Shadow, and so forged a path to find safety for themselves and the relic they carried. When their task was done, they set about enshrining their dead in the tunnels beneath what is present-day Norgas. However, one of their own was irreversibly tainted by the darkness they had fought against, and his brethren, finding themselves unable to slay him, instead entombed him in the heavily warded caves beneath the resting place of their fallen, awaiting the day a worthy pilgrim of the homeland could put him to rest. In his crypt, they left their story, and the first clue in the path of The Sword Saint, leading to the relic he had sacrificed so much to protect.


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