The Lost Lords

The Heart Tree

Corruption Grows Deep

With Aeryn having fled from the party, Taramitsu and Lissandra reunite with Aethor and push through the stone complex beneath the Heart Tree of the Westwood. Overcoming traps, fire-breathing beasts, and a near-unintelligible maze, they find an abandoned camp from a party of adventurers who fell prey to a ‘Winged Monstrosity’ deeper within the earth.

It is there they rest, and later that night set out into the dark once more, where Aethor finds a legendary armor set having once belonged to a smith of the Second Age, which he used to great effect against the winged monstrosity mentioned in the adventurer’s journal.

This creature was a Guardian Dragon of the Forest, twisted and corrupted by whatever tainted the Westwood, and when it was finally put to rest, only one path remained before them. Now the party stands at a gate bearing the image of cephalophores, emanating a sense of dread, and the promise of victory, or death.


Ghalen37 Ghalen37

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