The Lost Lords

The Forest of Ash

As the party traveled North of The Bulwark, they found themselves unable to head to the city of Darmondy directly; the orcs having set up their camp on the only major crossing. Instead, they ventured Westward, into what was once the fringes of the The Great Wood, now reduced to a forest of cinder and ash, seemingly by the orc invaders.

Within the woods themselves, the party discovers denizens of the plane of fire spilling forth from rifts between planes. Mephits and Elementals plague their journey until they come across an oddity. A man, with flaming features, who while wary, proves not to be hostile. He informs the party that the flames of a great lizard, awakened by the Orcs, set fire to the ancient woods. Between the mighty fire and the ancient magics of the forest, a great rift opened to the elemental plane of fire, and through it came a great monstrosity that the Genasi seeks to end.

The beast turned out to be a fearsome Pyrohydra, guarding the primary rift. After a long and Casualty-filled fight, the Pyrohyrda was felled, and in the afftermath the Genasi took it upon himself to close the rift, disappearing in a flash alongside it. Battered and exhausted, the party opted to continue on to Darmondy, deciding to return to end the threat at the heart of the forest another day.


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