The Lost Lords

The Apocryphon

What Kills a Killer of Gods?

Taramitsu, Aethor and Lissandra stand before the Cephalophore gates, behind them, the source of the corruption that infects the Westwood, a self-proclaimed God Slayer, entombed and imprisoned for ages for his crimes.

Knowing their foe’s accolades, and it’s mysterious moniker “Aphocryphon of Deinhainteor” the party finds themselves unable to let this evil slip them by, and they find themselves in conflict with the fiend. The battle is hard, and nearly lost, but through their combined efforts, and the sacrifice of Lissandra’s Animal Companion, an Enlarged Aethor is able to deal the final blow and with the aid of Nael the Fairy, save the party from the brink of death.

Shortly after the battle, Lissandra disappeared with the corpse of her Wolven ally, while Taramitsu rushed to restore Nael’s fading power with sunlight, and Aethor confirmed the halt of the corrupting influence in the Heart tree. With their task finished, and their body’s mostly whole, they returned to Emair, with the exiled Fairy in tow. There they find the town in revelry, rest, and strike up a sort of rental service for powerful magical items from Znaaraz’nn before returning to the victorious Alanduil, where they receive their reward, and decide how to go about returning to Norgas, and dealing with their old ally, Kayla.


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