The Lost Lords

Session One: The Siege of Norgas

Sewers, Beacon Hill, Troll Encounter - August 5, 2018

A Rude Awakening

Our unacquainted heroes, linked by nothing more than having chosen to spend their night under the same roof awake from their sleep to the sound of screaming and ringing bells, outside the peasants appear to be fleeing as the glow of fires can be seen and crashes heard. One by one the heroes leave their rooms and instinctively join up as they leave the second floor of the Inn and make their way downstairs to find the innkeeper behind the bar preparing his crossbow…

Captain Hargrave, A red haired woman named Cass, and several guards rush into the inn to find refuge, some of the guards are wounded, apparently there is fighting against an Orc attack on the city with the lower level of Norgas having been breached, the attack was a complete surprise. The party helps fortify the defenses of the Inn before Hargrave asks them to depart through the sewers and escape the city to the northwest, to light the signal fire to call for aid.

Our heroes accept and leave back around behind the inn and enter the sewers through a grate. Relying on Valner to lead the way with his lanterns through the maze of tunnels our party eventually comes across a small band of some half a dozen goblins. The goblins are busy bickering among themselves, too preoccupied to notice our heroes sneaking up to them… Marcellus leading the way, falling upon them with surprise our heroes quickly slay them all and recover a serviceable map of the Sewers, apparently highlighting a plan to infiltrate the upper level of the city through the sewers….

Saving the map for later, the heroes continue on their way through the stench of the sewer for some time before they come upon the end of the Sewer and fresh air.

Moving Unseen

Our heroes covertly make their way to the base of the cliff side where the beacon tower is standing, some 5 Orc camps stand in their way. The party makes there way past each camp in turn, sometimes relying on N’jall to speak in the Orcish tongue to cover their mishaps… to spite a few close calls the party makes it past all 5 camps and up to the base of the tower.

With the door unlocked and no apparent light reaching out from within, they enter to find a gruesome sight, Orc and Human parts midst puddles of blood strewn throughout, a bashed makeshift barricade against the far wall…. Our heroes close and lock the door behind them, a severed human hand touches Valner.

With the doors shut, midst the darkness, a lamp is lit as they first explore the basement to find a roughly dug tunnel veering away to the outside, an apparent entryway used to bypass the tower’s defenses.

The second floor is filled with similarly gruesome sights to that of the first. There was a fight for the tower.

“I’d like to place an order”

As our heroes prepare to head up to the third floor they hear the sounds of Orcs above them talking about food and orders. N’jall, leading the way, slips and is discovered, The Orcs’ yelling down to him in question, N’jall states that he’d like to place an order…

The Orcs within the third floor slam open their door and rush down after N’jall who is struck almost by surprise…. Further down the stairwell is Valner leading the way, then Marcellus, then Darion…

Completely caught by surprise Marcellus makes no move to reverse down the staircase or move passed Valner to aid N’jall, Valner curses at Marcellus for not grasping the situation and getting in the way, Marcellus then figures out whats what and tries to squeeze past Valner in the dimly lit narrow stairwell, but fails…. Darion then tries to bull rush past Marcellus and Valner but gently bumps into the back of Marcellus and stops…

A frail N’jall facing an Orcish onslaught decides it best to jump down the stairs, over Valner and the others, using his feather falling to ease his fall…. The stunt mostly works, a lightly wounded N’jall grinds down the circular wall and lands prone at the base of the steps…. Darion then retreats down the steps and pulls the prone body of N’jall out of the way before Marcellus and then Valner follow. Marcellus moves out of the way next to Darion as Valner move back further and they all prepare for the Orcs…

The lead Orc rushes down and hurls a javelin at Valner who’s the first apparent target directly ahead… Valner becomes visibly wounded and Marcellus move in front of him using his shield to protect himself and Valner from anymore darts; once out of javelins the Orcs begin rushing down into Marcellus’ position one by one, Darion waiting to the side of the stairs and Marcellus cleaves into the Orcs as they come down, unexpectedly butchering them as they come down, before they know what hits them….

The bloodbath quickly sends Darion into a rage.

They have a Troll…

When the last Orc falls dead our heroes assume the way is clear and prepare to make their way up to the third floor where they encounter a terrible sound… A troll bustles down the stairs and busts through the thin interior wall between the 2nd floor room and the stairs, immediately engaging Darion and Marcellus.

The party fights the Troll off with some difficulty, the Troll visibly regenerates the wounds suffered almost as quickly as our heroes can inflict them…. Eventually a devastating searing smite from Marcellus lights the Troll a blaze and begins to  burn it down with damage the Troll is incapable of recovering… the rest of the party piles in to finish the deed, the Troll falls; N’jall and Valner collect some of its blood.

With the troll now dead Darion now fully enraged charges up to the third floor ahead of the party, quickly slaying the last orc and goblin chef in the process. The rest of the party finally moves up to the third floor where they find a lone goblin chef midst a gory makeshift kitchen where the human captives are being butchered and cooked to feed something. The Goblin is unceremoniously slain and the few remaining prisoners are lowered and freed.>

The tower is secure and our heroes in relative safety.


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