The Lost Lords


Unforeseen Effects

With Alanduil and the Counts of Emair and Kinley riding to counter the threat of Anaise opening a second front at Azurestone, Taramitsu Ujio and Content Not Found: aethor-grenhal ride to meet Sergeant Kalren in command of of the forces laying siege to the city of Far Hearth. There they are tasked with leading two companies alongside Captain Armstrong to take the city for the Rebellion.

While fighting through the city, a monstrous screech echoed out from the Keep above the city, and the sky took on a red glow. The fighting halted for both sides, and an eerie calm overtook the city, before the the ground began to tremble, before a second, inhumane bellow broke the silence and great spires of crimson crystal erupted from the earth. Taramitsu was flung into the air from the explosion with a massive, concussive force that brought him to unconsciousness. The resulting fever dreams and Hellish nightmares ensued for what seemed like numerous lifetimes, interrupted with short bouts of consciousness in a cold world with a crimson night sky, and sounds of intense battle.

When Taramitsu’s fever broke, and he awoke from his slumbering ordeal, he found Far Hearth a drastically different place from when he fell into unconsciousness. The upper part of the city is riddled with giant crystalline spires that hoist parts of the city haphazardly into the sky, which is dominated by a massive, cracked moon that takes up more than a quarter of the star-filled night sky.


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