The Lost Lords

Chasing a Legacy in a Frozen Wasteland

Taramitsu and Aeryn journey into the mountains of Sudorheim as the weather becomes more intolerable. Aeryn uses her spells to endure the cold and Taramitsu survives with his over-armor coat. Nael burrows into Taramitsu’s pockets, making a barrier or lint to keep himself warm. They eventually arrive at a crossroads, left going to Rimvald Lake and right to Blidal village. The two of them try to go left at first but are only met with a hostile half-giant fishing village. They don’t speak with Taramitsu or Aeryn and most refuse to even acknowledge their existence.

They both head back and make their way to Blidal. Before they make it, they two of them come across some sort of cultist ritual at the ruins near Frostgate. There is a circle with three chanting men, blue in complexion, surrounding a man on his knees. The ground surrounding them was black and filled with small tendrils. It appeared to be a sacrifice and the two in the party start to act as the sacrifice finished and everyone surrounding the man die and the man in the center is the lone survivor, appearing more powerful than before. The two of them dispatch the cultist and discover that they’re frostbound priests of a dragon cult. Uneased, the two of them leave the corrupted area and head into Blidal.

As they come into the village of Blidal, the duo is surprised to see two humans among the goliath village, wearing imperial armor. The guards introduce themselves as remnants of the imperial garrison in town, left here long ago. Their headquarters being twenty minutes south of the village. The two of them journeyed through the oversized village and the goliath’s seemed to not be as cold and dismissive as the fishing village.

The keep is short and stout, but strong. Garrisoned by a few imperial guards, they let Taramitsu and Aeryn inside and tell them to seek out Commander Arturias. Arturias as a nice, stern commander that tries to assist the party. He knows that Arlan the Dragonslayer’s tomb is at the peak of Himmelfjall mountain in a large city ruins. Arturias also offers that the goliaths in the village may aid us more if we assist them and gain their trust. The current problems affecting the village are:
Goliath bandits in the high forest south of the village.
Old mill in town that is haunted by an enraged spirit.
Cultists’ base behind great ice wall.


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