The Lost Lords

At Tasks End

Dark Wings Deadened

Aethor and Taramitsu emerge from the Granary, into a heavy rain and fading light. Instead of facing the wounded Wyvern in the dark of night, they rest at the abandoned Inn, and wake to snowfall.

They set out and find the Wyvern, asleep and still crippled from the Giant’s shot, where they set about a swift and effective assault, ending the terror before it’s attack can ever truly begin. With their task fulfilled, they return to HymskgĂ„eir, retrieve the key to the third floor, and head on their way, where they find the Duchess’ bed chambers, and a Mirror Golem protecting them. Taramitsu shatters the Golem, and they retrieve the treasures of the Duchess and leave the Manor behind, returning to the Crossroads.

At the Crossroads, the adventuring duo find the bulk of the army having moved on to siege the Capital City of Far Hearth. After a few hours preparation they set out to the East, and after a day and a half cold ride, they reach the frozen city of Far Hearth. On the road, they meet Alanduil riding the other way, having received word that Duchess Anaise is planning to assault Azurestone Keep by way of Mezar’s Eye, in a mad attempt to open a second front. Alanduil urges the two to find Sergeant Kalren and aid how they can in the Siege, before riding to Azurestone for their reward.


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