The Lost Lords

Assault on the Bandit Camp

Taramitsu and Aeryn prepare to fight the bandits as they are the easiest problem to deal with. At night, they come across a bandit patrol in the high forest. Following them, Taramitsu and Aeryn are led to the bandit’s camp where nearly twenty goliath bandits reside. A collapsed tower creates a bridge between two cliffs that surround the camp. Taramitsu begins to scale the cliff and finds himself atop the fallen tower, noticing three campfires surrounded by goliaths. Bow in hand, Taramitsu takes several shots at the goliaths with explosive arrows, aimed at the campfires to enhance their effect.

In the chaos of the explosions, Aeryn comes through the entrance after casting enlarge person on herself. As the melee fighters charge Aeryn, Taramitsu picks off the remaining goliath archers and hops down from the tower, looking to aid Aeryn who had become pinned to the ground. Backed against the wall and alone, Taramitsu begins cleaving through the goliaths, killing the dozen of them that surrounded him. Nael heals Aeryn to bring her to consciousness and she heals the two of them before ascending the cliff to the base of the tower that still stands.

A large goliath with an enchanted swords charges down the bridge and nearly knocks Taramitsu unconscious. The three of them engage in a rough struggle before eventually killing the goliath but after taking many wounds. Taramitsu takes the bandit chief’s head and two carts full of ill-gotten loot and head back to Blidal village for their reward.


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