The Lost Lords

Ulbram and the Missing Adventurers

The town of Ulbram was quaint and small. Most folk that lived there were farmers or led other small town lives. The party made contact with the mayor, following the legacy of the dragonslayer, and he pointed them towards a halfling ranger, named Isileth, who had disappeared with an adventuring party some days ago. The party set out to find the lost adventurers in the direction of an old ruin outside of town.

Taramitsu in front, Kayla in the middle, and Casamir holding up the rear. That was the typical layout of the party, especially on the winding roads of the forest they traveled in. However, the party was ambushed by a group of what appeared to be elves. Taramitsu was quick to draw his sword, however, it was apparent that they were vastly outnumbered and Kayla thought it wise to surrender. Casamir and Taramitsu followed suit, not wanting to spill blood that didn’t need to be spilled. One of the elves, a haughty female elf, tried to persuade the young slender man leading the ambushers that they needed to kill us or their mission would be compromised. He shook his head, deciding it better if their elder decided.

Kayla and Casamir forfeited their weapons to the elves. Taramitsu, on the other hand, persuaded them to allow him to keep his sword, as it was more valuable to him than life itself. They bound his hands instead.

The elves had made a small encampment around the entrance to the ruins. Most of them were drawn to the center of camp when the party was paraded through towards the elder. He was kindly, ancient elf who seemed to be very much against unnecessary violence, much to the party’s fortunes. The haughty elf girl had objected to this and promptly stormed off. The elder heard the plight of the party and agreed to let them pass into the ruin, as long as they find an artifact for him. The party consented and were sent inside, weapons in hand.

The party was met with the story of Azara and his sword, Ashrune, etched into the walls of the ruin. At the end, the floor turned into a tiling of letters around a large statue. Taramitsu figured out that you needed to walk on the tiles that spelled out Ashrune for safe passage. They continued onwards, slaying a few goblins along the way, but the ruins were surprisingly empty for all the trouble it had appeared to cause.

They found a set of large doors that opened to the outside again. It appeared to be an exit out of the ruins from the other side. The party decided to continue away from the ruins and they stumbled upon a horrible sight. The bodies of all the missing adventurers were strewn around the area, bloodied and unmoving. Before the party, a horrible shroud like creature stood tall and proud. It appeared to be an embodiment of corruption, and unbeknownst to everyone but Kayla, it was her shadow’s brother.

A chaotic fight ensued with Taramitsu and Casamir being held up by shadow-minions
while Kayla took the bulk of the damage from the shroud that declared himself the shadow king. As the fighting continued, Kayla’s situation became to look more and more rough by the second, and in an act of desperation, opened a portal to the shadow realm, severly hemorrhaging the plane that they all were in. Kayla was sucked into the shadow realm with the false shadow king and Kayla’s shadow was brought to the real world.

Taramitsu and Casamir were dumbfounded at the shadow-like creature that took the place of their comrade. It seemed to murmur something about finally being free before tossing the fabled Rogue Stone to Taramitsu and flying away. Shocked and worried for Kayla, the party barely noticed that the halfling ranger was still breathing. Taramitsu had the fairy, Nael, sprinkle his regenerative dust on the ranger, healing her and bringing her to consciousness. She couldn’t believe that she had lived and her party had not. Taramitsu and Casamir were empathetic, as they both lost most of the important people in their lives. She revealed her name to be Isileth, the descendant of the fabled Dragonslayer, Arlan.


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